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Sophie and the giants




Sophie and the Giants are a Retro Pop 4-piece based in Sheffield. They have worked with the likes of Natalie Findlay from Findlay, Jon McClure and Eddy Cosens (Reverend and the Makers). Influences include Blondie, Wolf Alice and Haim.


Vocals & Guitar / sophie Scott
Lead Guitar / Toby Holmes
Bass / Bailey Stapledon
Drums / Chris Hill





Live music - sophie and the giants @ the star inn, guildford 12/09/16

Review by Jasleen Dhindsa

Rating: 5/5

After a storming set at this year’s Always The Festival 2016Sophie and The Giants continue their winning streak with a set at The Star Inn in aid of Oxfam.

Since their set not so long ago at The Boileroom in May, the band have changed a lot. Which is weird, considering how good they were from the get go... 



Sophie and the Giants

Sophie and the Giants tick all the boxes for anthemic indie-pop tunes. The quartet have just released the incredible new track ‘Lord Knows’ but are still very much in their infancy; we’re very excited to see them live this weekend.



LIVE REVIEW - Sophie and the giants @ The Boileroom, 30/05/16

Review by Lock In Music

Rating: 4/5

This is a band that are so comfortable in their own skin and with each other that half of them played tonight’s gig barefoot, while the other half were sauntering around the stage as if they were casually jamming together at home. The first noticeable aspect of this band, is how can such an impassioned, ardent voice boom out of something so petite... 


Live Music - Sophie and the giants @ the boileroom, guildford 18/04/16

Review by Jasleen Dhindsa

Rating: 5/5

For fans of: Florence + The Machine, Misty Miller, Swim Deep

Headlining Guildford’s The Boileroom are Sophie and The Giants, which is pretty mental considering they’ve only been a band for a few months.

Despite seeing vocalist/guitarist Sophie Scott before as a solo act at the Sister’s Unite gig at the same venue, and her poetic and releatable but mature lyrics are completely reimagined when accompanied by her fellow bandmates, or ‘The Giants’ per se. The band came to be at an end of year assessment last year and shortly got back together afterwards, deciding to be a proper band, and boy was that a good decision. Having switched guitarists about a month ago which altered the sound of the band, it’s technically only been a month since this version of Sophie and The Giants have been around...





'The Guildford four piece are sonically, wise beyond their years. Their hooks reel you in and the lyrics hold your attention in their expressive and relatable nature, painting pictures in your mind. Vocals soar, riffs groove and guitars yearn; and they've so quickly mastered the art of having a sound that's nearly impossible to pin down to an exact point. They're poppy, but still retain an impressive uniqueness. When melody and soft touches creep in, they turn a sharp corner and surprise you with an unexpected heaviness. Sophie and The Giants are unpredictable, in no way that's chaotic. This is just the beginning for one of the most authentic and exciting up and coming bands that there has been for a while. You haven't heard anything like this before.'

Biography by Jasleen Dhindsa.